Monday, February 2, 2015

Description of Board Positions

Nominations are open for the 2015- 2016 LES PTA Executive Board. Without these positions filled, we will not be able to have a PTA next year. Elections (if necessary) will be held on Wednesday, February 18th. This gives the current board a few months to hand over the reigns, and allows the next board to participate in the budget preparation for their term. Positions are open to all parents and teachers. Below is a detailed list of responsibilities for each board position as well as an estimate of the time commitment involved. If you are interested in filling any of the below positions, please send an email to .

•  Attends and leads board and general meetings monthly.  Prepares agenda for both meetings.
•  Attends PTA events.
•  Responsible for the preparation of the budget.
•  Plans the event calendar with input and updates the school and district offices.
•  Co-sign checks for PTA expenses.
•  Keeps up with emails and fields incoming requests.
•  Helps coordinate committees and approve project/event plans.
•  Job averages 5-8 hrs per week.

•  Fills in for president in their absence for board and general meetings.
•  Helps with committees and coordinates chair-persons on events.
•  Manages the PTA website/blog and Facebook page.
•  Assists with membership and directory.
•  Co-sign checks for PTA expenses.
•  Attends and helps with events and programs as needed.
•  Averages 2-4 hrs per week.

•  Attends and records minutes for all general and board meetings.
•  Types meeting minutes and sends to president for presentation at the next general meeting.
•  Assists with membership and directory.
•  Attends and helps with events as needed.
•  Prepares weekly Friday folder email.
•  Averages 2 hours per week.

•  Manages funds for the unit, keeping accurate and detailed account of all monies received and paid out.
•  Keeps permanent treasurer books of accounts and records; including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, and paid receipts.
•  Makes disbursements as authorized by the approved budget.
•  Presents financial reports and answers any questions at all board and general meetings.
•  Makes bank deposits and readies cash boxes for events.
•  Assists in developing the budget.
•  Readies documents for tax preparation.
•  Prepares and attends quarterly audit.
•  Attends events and is the final count on all monies received.

•  Averages 5-8 hrs per week.

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