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Book Fair

The Book Fair is coming…….so get ready to GROOVE your way into some new books. This book fair will come with new hours. We will open the doors to our book fair during the school dance on Friday February 5. We hope you will come dance and shop for books. If you can’t make the dance, (No Biggy Man) you have time during the following week. Friday February 5 5:00-9:30pm please come see us during our school dance Monday February 8 3:30am-7:30pm Tuesday February 9 We are having a grand night. Please let your kid ask someone who is grand to join them into coming up for the book fair. We will be offering milk and cookies for those who come with someone special 3:30 -7:30pm Wednesday February 10 If you can’t make the book fair but would still like your child to have the great opportunity to buy some books for spring break reading, then this will be the day they can come before, during recess or after school. 7:00am -8:30am 10:30am-12:30pm 2:30pm-3:30pm Thursday February 11-Final Day of Sales 7am to 7pm -…

Parent Teacher Conferences

Can you believe it is already time for the last Parent-Teacher Conferences of this school year? Finally we can hear more about the exciting things our students have learned and accomplished this school year. We only have 14 weeks left?!? These conferences are scheduled for ONE twelve hour day for teachers and staff. It can be long and consuming for our teachers and we want to help! Our hope is to support our teachers and staff during this time by providing meals. Below you will find the signup for Thursday morning breakfast, Thursday lunch sides (PTA is graciously providing Goodcents sub sandwiches), and Thursday evening dinner. Thank you for supporting Lansing Elementary teachers & staff! It is GREATLY appreciated by your proud Lansing teachers! Date: 02/11/2016 (Thu.)
Time: 6:30am - 7:00pm CST
Location: Lansing Elementary School

Link to SignupGenuis: