Monday, September 18, 2017

Skate Night Coming Up!!

Dust off those skates- skate night is this week!!

Not ONE but TWO nights! Tues 9/19 and Thurs 9/21!

We heard parent feedback about how large skate night has been, so we seperated into two nights. You can pick either, or BOTH, nights to attend. But we recommend K-2 or beginning skaters attend Tuesday, if possible. And 3-5 and experienced skaters attend Thursday, if possible. If you have siblings in both grade ranges then just pick a night and bring everyone!

We hope to see you there at "The Wheel Thing"! 1719 Metropolitan Ave, Leavenworth 6-8pm

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mark your calendars! "Sensorium" is coming Oct 26th!

LES PTA is hosting The C.H.A.S.E. Sensorium©. It is an edutainment (educational entertainment) event featuring interactive stations that demonstrate what it feels like to have sensory challenges affecting those with and without autism or other disabilities. This engaging event challenges and educates people of all ages about every sensory system. Through serious play, kids learn about each without realizing they are being taught.
We teach sensory overload, as well as underload. Like autism, sensory challenges and symptoms are a spectrum. One person may be sensitive to bright lights or loud sounds, whereas another may experience sensory issues with all systems and affect their ability to function in daily life. Classrooms, public places, etc. can overwhelm children with sensory challenges. This can cause behaviors that are misunderstood.
Why the C.H.A.S.E. Sensorium© is important play:
• Sensory challenges can cause things to look behavioral in nature. If peers do not understand, children with these challenges can be excluded and bullied, leading to low self-esteem and other social problems.
• No educators receive training on sensory information at the University level. Only occupational therapists in a Masters program are exposed to sensory training.
• Curriculum written by industry experts

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Additional Spirit Wear Offerings

Spread the good news!  PTA heard your feedback from Facebook!  We are now offering the “I heart my lions” design in the short sleeve grey and red and white baseball shirts.  If you are interested in ordering these new options please download the new form below.

Updated Spirit Wear Order Form

Forms are still due Friday, September 15th!

Save the Date!

Exciting News! The Sensorium is next Tuesday, November 20th 6:30-8pm at LES . This is an edutainment (educational entertainment) event feat...